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Why does a toothache ache after the treatment of pulpitis and is it painful to bite on it?

Often, after the treatment of pulpitis, the patient is surprised to find that the tooth for some reason continues to hurt - there can be pain when pressing on the tooth, biting it, or it can ache by itself without any external influence.It would seem that there is nothing to be ill, because the dental nerve was removed! Why, then, does the tooth continue to hurt, how long it will last and, most importantly, what to do in such a situation? Let's understand ...

Characteristics of orthognathic bite

Of all the types of teeth closing, the so-called orthognathic bite is considered the most physiological - if there is a person, as a rule, the face is symmetrical, the smile is beautiful and there are no problems with diction and chewing. In essence, this is a standard (ideal) to which orthodontists try to bring the patient's jaw system closer during treatment. Let's take a closer look at what other signs are characteristic of orthognathic bite and what problems can be observed even with its presence ...

Orthodontic appliances for correcting bite in children

Today, there are a large number of removable and non-removable orthodontic appliances for the correction of bite in children, used in the period of dairy, replaceable and emerging permanent bite. With proper wearing, some of these designs are recognized as very effective, and their use often avoids fixing braces.Next, we look at the devices most commonly used today in orthodontic practice to correct the bite, talk about the mechanism of their action and the achieved results of treatment ...

Welcome to the site, which is entirely devoted to the issues of dental health and various types of dental care for problems with them. Here you can find up-to-date information on modern methods of caries treatment and its complications, as well as on dental prosthetics, thus being largely prepared before a possible visit to the dentist.

Although the 21st century has long been outside and modern medicine has advanced far ahead, many people are still afraid to treat their teeth. The reason for this - the fear of toothache. If the tooth is already aching, then usually they are afraid that the pain will intensify in the dentist’s office, so they delay the visit to the last. Well, in this case, it will be especially useful to get acquainted with the peculiarities of modern treatment and extraction of teeth, since all these procedures are not always associated with severe toothache.

But to delay the treatment of teeth or prosthetics (for example,with implantation) is simply unhealthy: caries can easily go into pulpitis, which, in turn, if not taken in time, can lead to tooth loss. There are also many nuances in matters of pediatric dentistry and dentistry in pregnant women.

Actually, we will talk about all these and many other interesting and important issues of the “dental” subject on the pages of this site.


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